For one of my classes this semester, I’ve been tasked with creating a podcast series with at least one guest. To tackle this assignment, my roommate Josie and I have created a podcast that talks all about LGBTQ+ representation, or the lack thereof, in movies and other media. Additionally, the overall goal of the podcast is to examine queerbaiting, or teasing representation to viewers without actually providing representation.

Why Podcasting?

Originally, the assignment for my class was to do ten weeks of hour-long radio shows on Drake University’s radio/streaming station, The Dog at Drake. However, due to Covid-19 cancelling all in-person classes, our professor changed the assignment to be eight 25-30 minute podcasts on the platform Anchor.

This assignment is giving me real-time experience in audio production as I am frequently having to check the levels and make sure that everything sounds good for the podcast.

While making a podcast isn’t something that I have been particularly interested in, I know that I’m not alone in creating something during social-isolation. I also have total control over what the podcast is about, which means that I can make something that I like.

In the Closet

Our moderately sized coat closet

The podcast is called “In the Closet,” as a reference to both the idea that LGBTQ+ people come ‘out of the closet’ when they share their identity with others, but also because Josie and I record the episodes in our coat closet.

Our first episode was on the Star Wars sequel trilogy. In this episode, we talked a lot about representation in the films in general, and then about the different relationships and specific characters. These were:

  • The relationship between Finn, a former stormtrooper, and Poe Dameron, a pilot. These two are part of the core trio of main characters
  • Individual characters, like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Vice Admiral Holdo, and how they could have been LGBTQ+
  • And then the rare fan-pairing of Rey, a scavenger and final character in the core trio, and Rose Tico, a mechanic.

Plans for the Future

Josie and I recorded our first podcast last night. As it was recorded last night, there isn’t a link that I can share yet, but there will be, soon.

Since we have to create eight, and because there are so many movies and television shows that we want to talk about, each episode is going to focus on a specific movie, television show, or series. At this point, I don’t see us coming back to the Star Wars sequel trilogy in any of the eight episodes, but if I end up enjoying podcasting enough, maybe I’ll come back to it.

Episode 2 of ‘In the Closet’ is going to be about Disney Pixar’s Onward, a film that was advertised as having on-screen representation of its “first gay character.” Josie and I will be talking about that character, and some other relationships and characters in the film that we think can be LGBTQ+.

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